Buying Through StreamOne

Ordering Vmeet through the StreamOne Cloud Services Catalogue is simple.

  • Click the button below and Sign in to InTouch
  • Navigate to the 'Maverick Tab'
  • Locate 'StreamOne - Vision Vmeet' in the left navigation bar
  • Read the details for the choices available and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase
  • Buy your Not for Resale Demo Room

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For more detailed information on StreamOne, download the StreamOne Order Guide here.

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Not for Resale Demo Room

Purchasing your Demo Room will immediately provide you with three key things:

  • Your Reseller Portal
  • Your Demo Room
  • An introduction to your Team Induction Training

Once you have accessed your Reseller Portal, you will be able to begin provisioning the service for your customers.

Reseller Activation Training

Once you have purchased your Not for Resale Demo Room, you will be invited to induct your teams into Vmeet training. This will encourage your teams to become educated in all aspects of the service, including:

  • How the Reseller Portal works
  • How the Service works
  • The Sales tools available
  • The Marketing Toolkit
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