Q. How can I connect different video conferencing devices or platforms together for people to meet and share documents?

A. It's simple - use a Vmeet Virtual Meeting Space.

Vmeet connects meetings across different devices.

Joining a call is easy - customers simply click and connect .

Joining a video conference via a Virtual Meeting Space, you will be able to connect:

  • Different Video equipment be it CiscoPolycom or Lifesize ....
  • Skype for Business Users
  • Laptops and Desktops with browsers
  • Surface Hubs
  • Skype Room Systems
  • Video Apps like Pexip, Spark and Jabber
  • Audio attendees

They can meet face-to-face and share screens using devices they are familiar with

A Vmeet Meeting Space conncting to Microsoft Surface Hub, Skype Room System and Skype for Business and a Polycom Video Unit, Pexip Mobile App, Google Chrome Browser and Audio on a mobile phone

With Virtual Meeting Spaces, everyone carries on using the equipment they already know!

  • There's no learning curve for your teams - we take care of the tech behind the scenes.
  • You're making more of the investment you've already made in technology.
  • Nobody's left behind - everyone benefits from communicating face-to-face.
  • If you prefer, you can still add audio calls to the meeting too!
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