Q. How do I connect my video units and save up to 90%?

A. Use a Virtual Meeting Space instead of a hardware video bridge.

Connect your video solutions, seamlessly.

Have you found it hard to connect your video units up? Do you feel that video conferencing is too complicated or expensive? A Virtual Meeting Space fixes those problems. They provide a seamless connection from SIP, H.323 or IP addressed units, at a fraction of the cost of video conferencing equipment.

Meeting room connected to video units in various locations

Why use a Virtual Meeting Space?

  • You'll get your teams working closer together without the travel, diary logistics and hassle.
  • Teams work better when they can see each other - it's an upgrade from phone conference calls.
  • There's no tech to learn, your teams already know YOUR equipment and WiFi - that's it!
  • No new hardware to buy, no new software to install. You could be connecting TODAY!
14day Free Trial Book a Demo
14day Free Trial Book a Demo

Get more value from the video equipment your teams don't use, today! Book a Demo and we'll show you how easy it can be!

Virtual Meeting Spaces from Close make video collaboration simple:

  • Connect the video equipment and devices you already have
  • Devices your team are familiar with
  • Devices you've already invested in
  • Your I.T and AV departments will love them...
  • ...and your FD will love the savings!

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