Q. How do I connect my Surface Hub to video conferencing equipment?

A. You use a Virtual Meeting Space.

Virtual Meeting Spaces let your Microsoft Surface Hub connect to all kinds of video equipment - such as Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize etc.

A pure opex subscription based service for Enterprises; there's absolutely no software to install and no hardware to buy.

Virtual Meeting Spaces, hosted in the Cloud, will connect any video conferencing systems together.

It really is as simple as click, connect, collaborate. Bring all your teams together at the same time.

Please note, we will also be able to keep you connected when Microsoft makes the move to Microsoft Teams - coming 2018.

Microsoft Surface Hub connecting to a Video Conferencing Unit

Virtual Meeting Spaces connect your Surface Hub to all standards based video conferencing units.

  • Set up your connections with either SIP or H.323 protocols.
  • Use the share content and record functions - save or forward the meeting.
  • Stream content live to your provider of choice!
14day Free Trial Book a Demo
14day Free Trial Book a Demo

Book a demo now. See for yourself how we connect your Surface Hubs to other video units.

Interoperability is everything.

Get real value from your investment. Virtual Meeting Spaces connect your Surface Hub to everyone else's video equipment, quickly and easily.

Simply drag-and-drop video unit contacts into Skype for Business meetings. Easy.

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