Q. How do I connect my Skype Room System to video conferencing equipment?

A. You use a Virtual Meeting Space.

Virtual Meeting Spaces let your Skype Room System connect to all kinds of video equipment.

A Microsoft Skype Room System is a great additon to any video collaboration strategy, until you try connecting to something that's not running Microsoft software.

With Virtual Meeting Spaces, it's easy, with no software to install and no hardware to buy. These are virtual video conferencing connections, hosted in the Cloud...

Please note, we will also be able to keep you connected when Microsoft makes the move to Microsoft Teams - coming 2018.

A Skype Room System connecting to a Video Conferencing Unit

Connecting visually from Skype for Business just got a whole lot easier...

Virtual Meeting Spaces will connect your Skype Room System to all standards based video units.

  • Set up your connections with either SIP or H.323 protocols.
  • Set up the Virtual Room in Outlook - add a contact; first name - 'video;'- surname 'Room1.'
  • Add the Virtual Space SIP address in the email field -

Then you have a choice:

  • Drag the contact into the meeting and the video unit dials the Virtual Space SIP address.
  • Or, add the video unit as an auto-participant to the Virtual Space (Virtual Space set-up options)
  • If you select the latter option; when dragging the contact into the Skype for Business room, the Virtual Space will dial the video unit automatically.

Use the Virtual Meeting Space screen share functionality to apportion content from Skype for Business to the video unit.

You can record meetings by accessing the Virtual Meeting Space and selecting record - then save or forward the meeting to avoid taking notes.

You can also share content or even stream content live or to an editing house, saving on studio costs!

14day Free Trial Book a Demo
14day Free Trial Book a Demo

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Interoperability is everything.

Get real value from your investment.

Virtual Meeting Spaces connect your Skype Room System to everyone else's video units, quickly and easily.

There's no learning curve involved. Simply click-through and join - or invite someone to join - from Microsoft Outlook.

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