Q. Can my Skype Room System connect to other video collaboration solutions?

A. Yes - simply use a Close Virtual Meeting Space.

We make it easy to connect your Microsoft Skype Room System to browsers, apps and all other AV systems.

Businesses are investing in Skype for Business and realated devices; but not everyone deploys the same video collaboration technology, which can hinder the ability to connect to others.

With a Close Virtual Meeting Space, you can use your Skype Room System to connect with any other video equipment or AV platform, inviting people via their browser or their smartphone. We connect everyone on all devices and platforms.

Virtual Meeting Spaces are hosted in the cloud. All your teams have to do is click, connect and collaborate.

Please note, we will also ensure that you remain connected when Microsoft makes the move to Microsoft Teams - coming 2018.

A Skype Room System connecting to a stack of logos - Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business, Chrome, Fiefx, Opera, Edge, Safari, iOS ad Android

Extend your Skype for Business meetings to video units, browsers and video apps.

Virtual Meeting Spaces connect your Skype Room System to all standards based video conferencing equipment.

  • Simply enter your call via a Virtual Meeting Space - we take care of the rest.
  • Join from Microsoft Outlook - click and connect, it's that simple.
  • Share content, stream content or record meetings to review later with colleagues.
14day Free Trial Book a Demo
14day Free Trial Book a Demo

Book a demo now. See for yourself how easily we can connect you to everyone else.

Interoperability is everything.

Get real value from your investment.

Virtual Meeting Spaces connect your Skype Room System to everyone else's video equipment, quickly and easily.

There's no learning curve involved. Simply click-through and join - or invite someone to join - from Microsoft Outlook.

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