Q. How do I connect our offices without the cost of video equipment?

A. Invest in a Virtual Meeting Space.

Use the devices you already have and are familiar with - just connect in the cloud.

There is no longer any need to invest in new and expensive video conferencing equipment offering limited connectivity. With Close, you can now turn every meeting room, video-enabled desktop or laptop into a video collaboration room INSTANTLY - no more tedious conference calls, plus less travelling time!

Connect with a wide range of solutions such as Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Skype for Business, or Chrome and Firefox browsers.

A Meeting Room connecting to Desktop Units, Telepresence Units, Video Conferencing Units, Meeting Rooms, Laptops, Apps, Tablets and Smartphones

No need to move your teams, just move your mindset.

You may view video conferencing as expensive, and it was at £2000 - £8000 for a video conferencing unit; but with Close, you can connect to any video-enabled device (if it has a camera and WiFi).

All it takes is a laptop or an AV screen, and a Virtual Meeting Space.

Click, connect, collaborate. That's all it takes to bring everyone together.

  • No need to buy new and expensive video equipment.
  • It's easy to use - your teams know how to use WiFi and their own screens.
  • Every device becomes a doorway into your Virtual Meeting Spaces INSTANTLY.
  • No need for a lengthy 'business case,' no Capex, no new I.T - no problems connecting different devices.
14day Free Trial Book a Demo
14day Free Trial Book a Demo

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Open up your meeting rooms!

  • No need to buy video units.
  • You may already have an AV panel and WiFi.
  • Simply add a room-view camera
  • ...and a Virtual Meeting Space - simple!

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