Q. How can I connect my video units to other video collaboration solutions?

A. You start using Virtual Meeting Spaces.

*Save up to 90% off your video bridge costs*

You know how expensive it has been to bridge video conferencing equipment? Sourcing and funding complicated systems to get different video systems connecting to each other?

Well, now there's no need to spend thousands of £'s every year on annual bridging maintenance costs and - if you're setting up an AV ecosystem - there's no need for bridging hardware either.

Virtual Meeting Spaces link all kinds of AV systems together with browser-based video services and even Skype for Business. No complex booking processes, just click and connect...


Could it really be as simple as this? Yes!

With Virtual Meeting Spaces, there's no bridging hardware involved.
  • No maintenance costs, no capacity limits (reasonable usage) and no bridging processes.
  • Use the devices you already have and go from Capex to Opex, slashing your bridging budget!
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    14day Free Trial Book a Demo

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    Connect all kinds of video:

    • SIP
    • H.323
    • IP addresses

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