Q. How do I drive flexible working and improve teamwork?

A. Remove the distance with video. It's quick, easy and foolproof.

Video conferencing brings everyone back together, and now Virtual Meeting Spaces makes web conferencing accessible to everyone!

Close enable you to connect all different kinds of video solutions, making video conferencing easy, cost-effective and available from any device or platform.

Modern businesses often have a lot of employees working from home, which may be anywhere in the country, and in some cases, anywhere in the world. They will also be using a variety of devices depending on where they are working from. That's a challenge for two reasons:

  • Teams feel disconnected from each other resulting in a lack of consistency.
  • You can't stay 'in touch' if your employees cannot connect to each other via their video equipment.
Meeting Room connecting to any familiar devices from wherever you are, empowering you

Virtual Meeting Spaces solve all of these 'disconnect' issues!

Think of Virtual Meeting Spaces as online meeting rooms that connect ANY video conferencing equipment in your office with ANY devices used by your home or road based teams. Desktop browsers, Skype for Business, mobile apps - they can connect them all.

  • Leadership teams can relax - their messages aren't being diluted.
  • Everyone's staying in touch and still functioning together as a team.
  • There's no new technology to buy and no 'new system' to learn.
  • And of course, you get to keep the savings in travel expenses!
14day Free Trial Book a Demo
14day Free Trial Book a Demo

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Keep people connected face-to-face!

You know this is true: people communicate more effectively when they can see each other. This is why video collaboration could be invaluable to your business.

Virtual Meeting Spaces can be on simple Pay-As-You-Go tariffs, which are easy to set up - almost instant - and all of your employees can start using them immediately.

That means:

  • Stronger teams
  • Better, faster decision making
  • And it's cheaper as well!

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