Q. Could my interview processes be easier?

A. Yes! Interview via video and record it all.

Video interview - record then review your candidates' performances afterwards with colleagues.

Simplify your processes and interview online from anywhere, anytime. Connect with candidates on their mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, wherever they may be.

Save time and meet more candidates - you can both be more relaxed, without the hassle of travel, in a more comfortable environment.

A virtual meeting space beside two individuals in suits having a interview

Meet more candidates and review more effectively.

  • Video connections are better than ever and there's no technology to worry about now - you no longer need complicated video conferencing equipment.
  • Whatever equipment or platform you have - Cisco, Polycom or Skype for Business - you CAN connect to EVERY candidate with Virtual Meeting Spaces.
  • Every candidate can dial in at YOUR convenience - no more travel!
  • Record the interviews and review candidates' presentations with colleagues.
14day Free Trial Book a Demo
14day Free Trial Book a Demo

Click the 'Book a Demo' button and let us show you how easy it is to connect your video unit or browser to anyone else's video streams. It doesn't matter which technology you're using, there's no new hardware to buy or software to install.

We'll show you how easy it is to join an online meeting room.

  • Using a browser like Google Chrome? You're one mouse-click away from your next interview.
  • Already using Skype for Business or a video unit? Great - drag and drop to connect quickly.
  • Interviewing candidates from your home or theirs? Just log in via any desktop browser.
  • Have something to share? Screen sharing and content sharing are also available.

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