Q. How can I get more reach with my PR?

A. Deliver your message face-to-face via video.

Use Virtual Meeting Spaces - PR via video that connects you to everyone.

Did you think that video conferencing was too tricky to set up? That Skype for Business was too technical, that it won't connect with everyone else's video equipment and that it's all just too much hassle?

We agree! That's why we created Virtual Meeting Spaces - they let YOU connect your video to EVERYONE else, no matter what equipment they're using and no matter where they are.

Maybe you're using a browser or in a meeting room that already has video conferencing equipment? No Problem.

Imagine; everyone else is sending out Press Releases by email but YOU can connect with your audience and make the right impression face-to-face, first time, everytime, via video!

A virtual meeting space beside a group of icons - record, stream and youtube

It's never been easier to:

  • Invite people to join your PR video call - just send an email and the link to the event is within it.
  • Connect with people - make the right impact, face-to-face - collect their feedback and record it.
  • Answer direct questions from people and get acquainted... record your Press Releases live.
  • Stream to YouTube, or stream to an editing house. Either way, you will save thousands.
  • Get everyone involved, no matter where they are.
14day Free Trial Book a Demo
14day Free Trial Book a Demo

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