Q. How can my field Team Leaders work more effectively?

A. Get people talking face-to-face via video.

No new hardware, no new software. A simple solution - and no more travelling!

Your teams CAN work more effectively - technology needn't hold them back.

Introducing Virtual Meeting Spaces - bring everyone together, seamlessly, in an instant, no matter where they are or what equipment they have. Video conferencing equipment, browsers on laptops, desktop computers, AV units and even smartphones connected via apps!

It doesn't matter which operating system or video platform you have invested in; Virtual Meeting Spaces connect every system to all of these devices. That means it's never been easier to reduce your travel costs and increase your Team's dynamic. Make it easier for Team leaders to SEE their team in action.

A stack of video solutions including Cisco, Polycom, Skype for business, popular browsers and smartphone operating systems, connecting to an array of devices, including Desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and video conferencing equipment

The Business Impact of Video Collaboration:

  • Ensure that your teams work closer together, increasing productivity
  • Give your Team Leaders the tools they need to build a collaborative culture
  • Share content and record it
  • Save time and money...and make better business decisions, faster, together.
14day Free Trial Book a Demo
14day Free Trial Book a Demo

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Get rid of travel expenses!

  • Start having Business Class video meetings.
  • Use the devices you already own.
  • Teams love Virtual Meeting Spaces - because they can use the devices they're already familiar with...
  • ... and while productivity goes up, travel expenses and carbon footprint go down. Win Win!

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