Q. How do I connect different video conferencing equipment together?

A. It's simple - you use a Virtual Meeting Space.

When everyone joins a call, all of the video streams will connect...

All your teams have to do is click and connect.

Connecting your collection of I.T will enable your teams to take advantage of video collaboration - the effectiveness of their meetings will go up, whilst we take care of all the tech behind the scenes.

Joining a video conference via a Virtual Meeting Space, you will be able to connect video equipment to browser-based video services, to Surface Hubs, to Skype for Business and to any other kind of video conferencing service.

There's no software to install and no hardware to buy!

A Meeting Room connecting to Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Lync, Skype for Business, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari iOS and Android

With Virtual Meeting Spaces, everyone carries on using the equipment they already know!

  • There's no learning curve for your teams - we take care of the tech behind the scenes.
  • You're making more of the investment you've already made in technology.
  • Nobody's left behind - everyone benefits from communicating face-to-face.
  • If you prefer, you can still add audio calls to the meeting too!
14day Free Trial Book a Demo
14day Free Trial Book a Demo

Book a demo today and see for yourself how to connect everything in your office via video.

Connect your I.T kit today!

  • Make video your communication of choice.
  • Get people communicating more effectively.
  • Derive more value from your Capex with a Pay-As-You-Go service that's totally Opex!

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