What is the Product?
Educate your contacts on what Vmeet is; send them to the Vmeet Product Intro page to explain the product and provide an understanding of the solutions that Vmeet offers its customers.
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What is the Service Offering?

Download the 'Vmeet Introduction' PDF


Download the 'Marketing Toolkit' PDF


Introduce your customers to the Product via the Vmeet Introduction PDF; this initiates and educates customers, illustrating the features and benefits that the Product can offer them.

Download Here

Use the link below to download the Marketing Toolkit PDF; laying out the available marketing tools to Resellers.

Download Here
How would Customers use it?
Peak your customer's interest with a selection of Typical Use Cases, designed to meet every customer need.
The Use Case Page provides the links to a selection of Use Case Landing Pages (Downloadable PDFs to come). Simply copy the link of the Use Case relevant to your campaign and send it to your customers, or direct them to the main page to review all available use cases.
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Marketing Graphics
Compliment the Vmeet brand to drive product awareness and enquiries.
Access the Vmeet Marketing Toolkit for a selection of PDFs, Banners and Graphics that are ready for your use; apply them to your own marketing campaigns or simply use them to inspire your own content.